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If you've been thinking about investing in a collection of glass pipes or another smoking accessory, come to a local head shop. Roll N' Smoke in Brookings and Sioux Falls, SD has products like water pipes, bubblers, steam rollers, slides and attachments to accommodate any smoker. We only sell high-quality glass, so you won't have to worry about your pipe overheating or breaking quickly.

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We have a huge selection available

We have a huge selection available

No matter what type of smoker you are, you'll find something here. At our head shop, you can get:

  • Glass smoking products - Bowls, pipes, chillums
  • Glass accessories - Ash catchers, screens, extractors
  • Dab products - Dappers, quartz nails, straws
  • Miscellaneous accessories - Grinders, detoxes, trays
  • Smoking accessories - Lighters, pipe cleaners, ashtrays
  • Storage - Glass jars, zipper bags, airtight containers
  • Papers - Cones, filters, rollers
  • Cigar accessories - Cutters, punchers, cases
  • Hookah accessories - Hookahs, coals, foils

We're always happy to make suggestions for our customers. Visit our store today for glass pipes and other products.