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If you've been thinking about investing in a collection of glass pipes or another smoking accessory, come to a local head shop. Roll N' Smoke in Brookings, Sioux Falls, SD & Marshall, MN has products like water pipes, bubblers, steam rollers, slides and attachments to accommodate any smoker. We only sell high-quality glass, so you won't have to worry about your pipe overheating or breaking quickly.

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We have a huge selection available

We have a huge selection available

No matter what type of smoker you are, you'll find something here. At our head shop, you can get:

  • Glass smoking products - Bowls, pipes, chillums
  • Glass accessories - Ash catchers, screens, extractors
  • Dab products - Dappers, quartz nails, straws
  • Miscellaneous accessories - Grinders, detoxes, trays
  • Smoking accessories - Lighters, pipe cleaners, ashtrays
  • Storage - Glass jars, zipper bags, airtight containers
  • Papers - Cones, filters, rollers
  • Cigar accessories - Cutters, punchers, cases
  • Hookah accessories - Hookahs, coals, foils

We're always happy to make suggestions for our customers. Visit our store today for glass pipes and other products.